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#truestory: My middle name may as well have been Procrastination.


For quite some time I was convinced I was broken, and that my procrastination was nothing more than a bad habit.      How’s that for going against the social grain?     I’m sure many of my former English professors will shiver at such a blasphemous statement if they happen to click this link. Nevertheless, do rest assured if PROCRASTINATING is your thang…know I stand by you 100% and do nothing less than support and encourage you to be the greatest Procrastinator you could ever be!

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The opinion of swans…

You’re just not there yet …

Existence hangs in a constant balance of every cycling cycles—life begets death, death births life…youth begets old age, and old age prepares the way for youth.

As we grow, mature and attempt to make a life for ourselves we’re often faced with underestimation from the generations who’ve preceded us. You know, the age old “you’re too young to understand” or my not-so-favorite favorite “when you get to be our age you’ll understand.”

I love the way they marvel, yet spat—at our inability to conform to a society of old standards, ways and thoughts of living, as if we are not a new generation, birth from the wombs of mothers of what is now the old struggle. Mothers, and fathers who are now accustomed to sporting their years of plumage in a world now teeming with hyperactive ugly ducklings covered in ruffled and half-plucked feathers.

—Biwa & Andestagōnwa ♥

Peace & Love