My Kind of Natural

I anchor my own ship.

The latter—the theme of my life’s journey across this sea of ever-changing vibes and practices. It never ceases to amaze me how people will insist on trying to convince you that they know exactly what is best for you. Well, in the world I live in my Madre and Padre were arguably the first and last souls capable of mastering the “best for me’s” …and although they did a miraculous job rearing me, cultivating me and preparing me for the life I was to captain, even they will attest that all they actually managed to do successfully for me was love me unconditionally and attempt to always do what they “believed” and/or “felt” was best for me. (more…)


Long live life


I desire to see many generations rise, and many sunshines come before I go’on over to that great and yonder plain.


I desire to experience the bountiful fruits of my labors and toils before I close my earthly eyes on that last day.


I desire to forge amongst the stars a legacy that the most ancient of celestial bodies would have no choice but to envy.

—Biwa & Andestagōnwa ♥

Peace & Love